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You might ask "What are cruising duck tags?" They are paper tags that are attached to small rubber duckies. Those tagged duckies are then hidden on cruise ships to be found by fellow guests and staff. Think of it as an Easter egg hunt, but for rubber duckies instead of eggs. My purpose in hiding cruising ducks is to put a smile on the face of the finder. One of my favorite cruising activities is to hide a duck then wait/watch for it to be found -- the smile on the face of the finder is invaluable to me. Below are images of some of the ducks that were tagged and hidden on cruise ships:

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Steps to generate FREE customized duck tags

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  2. Launch the Duck Tags page or the Gift Exchange Tags page
  3. Click the sample image of the tag type you want to customize
  4. Enter your custom data
  5. Press the [Download] button
  6. Print the customized duck tag .pdf file

Tip1: Printing on thicker card-stock paper makes your duck tags more durable and is highly recommended
Tip2: You can print the downloaded .pdf file on your local printer or at an office supply store like Staples

Sample Tags

Below are sample tags that were created here at ezDuckTags.com.

Duck Tag - Passport

Sample Passport tag

Duck Tag - Re-Hide

Sample Re-Hide tag

Duck Tag - Key Card

Sample Key Card tag

Gift Exchange Tag

Sample Gift Exchange tag